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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Bracketology 201: The Devil Is Due...

...for a rough ending.

With last night's loss to Wake Forest, the Blue Devils have dropped two out of three and face six ranked team in their final nine (4 home, 5 road) games.

This has been a difficult Duke team to figure out, they are once again too relient on the 3-pointer when feeding the ball inside to Shelden Williams would be more effective. Right now this team has to get tournament ready, that means calling more inside sets for Williams and the more healthy Shavlik Randolph and allowing them to set the stage for the outside shooting exhibition.

My prediction is Duke will finish this nine-game stretch 6-3 with losses at home to Wake Forest and on the road to Georgia Tech and North Carolina. A semifinal loss in the ACC tournament will not stop them from a #2 seed.

My Final Four: Wake Forest, Illinois, Louisville, Pittsburgh (Syracuse falls off for now)
Darkhorse: Villanova
Overrated: Gonzaga, Florida, Wisconsin
Best Unknown: Old Dominion
On the Rise: Georgetown, Villanova, St. Joseph's (7-1 in conference)

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