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Friday, January 28, 2005

Skip Bayless Brings the Heat...

...and debunks the rumor. Thankfully I agree with him, Brady is not better than Montana or even close to Montana and Belichick isn't better than Parcells.

Some of Bayless' points are interesting:
  • Brady has won two Super Bowls by directing drives that set up 40-plus yard field goals by a kicker who belongs in the Hall of Fame. Does that make him better than Montana?
  • Brady's offense should be able to do to the Eagles what it did in the AFC title game to the Steelers -- score 40-plus on them. A third Super Bowl in four seasons would match Troy Aikman's run in Dallas, but Aikman's Cowboys twice demolished Buffalo, and had a fairly easy time with the Steelers.
  • Show me more fourth-quarter comebacks, more last-minute magic. Show me you can win at Pittsburgh when your running back and favorite target are hurt. Without Dillon and Deion Branch, Brady looked like a sixth-rounder in the regular-season loss to the Steelers.
He goes on about Belichick, mentioning his poor record in Cleveland and questioning how good he'll be without his super assistants at his side next year. I agree with him and I also would take several more coaches (Parcells, Walsh, Gibbs) to start a franchise over Belichick.

I also agree with him on Brady. I think Brady is extremely good, he's got the mechanics down pat, now he needs to execute the blowouts that coronate a king. Montana didn't stumble upon being the greatest, he led a lot of memorable comebacks and kicked a lot of ass.

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