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Monday, January 31, 2005

SB: Top 5 Goats..

I'm going to do a motherload of these Top 5s during the week along with another boatload of links heading up to the big game.

It's a little overkill, but the Super Bowl is a little overkill. Speaking of overkill, ESPN Page 2 listed their Top 10 and Bottom 5 QB performances...The top pick is total BS, especially over Phil Simms'. I like Tom Brady, I hope the Worldwide Sports Leader isn't shoving him down our throats. I guess I'm the only one who remembers the goal-line interception Brady threw that half.

However props for Jake Delhomme's spot. His performance last year will be one of the most underappreciated through time.

So without further adieu, the top 5 Goats.

1) Scott Norwood (Super Bowl XXV): Yeah I know, too easy. First and foremost, I've always felt sympathy for Norwood...until the Doug Brien episode this season. Now I just realize the truth -- kickers suck and Norwood gets no mercy for blowing the Bills one legitimate chance to win a Super Bowl.

2) Earl Morrall (Super Bowl III): Was the fix on? Bubba Smith thinks so (Can't find story, here's a discussion board archive) and the Jimmy Orr play is still mind boggling. Conspiracy theory aside, five times inside the red zone with no points and four interceptions against a team that was 18-point underdogs is very bad.

3) Neil O'Donnell (Super Bowl XXX): Too many bad things came out of this. O'Donnell ruined a potential comeback for the Steelers, ruined the Raiders salary cap, and ruined a good game with two horrible passes. All wasn't lost as Larry Brown signed a huge contract with the Raiders and was never heard from again.

4) Thurman Thomas (Super Bowl XXVIII): Now this fool generally loves Thurman Thomas, especially the way he chopped up the Dolphins. However, the Super Bowl just wasn't his finest hour. In his fourth and final Super Bowl, Thomas fumbled twice, one led to a score, another was returned for a score. It makes me miss the days of him losing his helmet.

5) Jackie Smith (Super Bowl XIII): This was a long debate, after all it was just one dropped pass. However, the momentum switch was devastating as the Steelers scored 14 unanswered points to take a 35-17 lead. Sorry Jackie, you should've caught it.

For more elaboration, here's a Miami Herald story on the topic.

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