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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Offseason Adjustments: N.Y. Jets

This one is a toughie. The Jets are my team of choice and have been for a long time. Despite not scoring an offensive touchdown and failing to score when they had three straight drives to pull the game out, I can say they SHOULD be playing in New England this week.
However, they aren't playing this week and they won't be playing anymore this season. So it's time to make some suggestions for offseason improvement.

-- Fire Paul Hackett: Possibly one of the worst NFL assistants in the league survived last season thanks to quarterback Chad Pennington. When pressed to defend him after Saturday, Pennington failed to. "That is a decision that coach Edwards has to make, and as a player, I am going to support the decision that coach Edwards makes." Now who they would hire to replace him is the subject of much discussion, but the decision to fire him will come down soon.

-- Deal Curtis, Keep Jordan: This is the toughest decision to make, especially when you are giving up the current rushing champion. From a personal standpoint, the Jets want Martin to go into the Hall of Fame as one of them. From a team standpoint, they can't get the most out of their other offensive weapons without a change. Jordan is younger, faster and gives them a gamebreaking threat. Martin remains an excellent back for a ball-controlled offense, the type of offense the Jets would want to replace with a new offensive coordinator.

-- Trade up, draft shutdown corner: They've got the lineman, they've got the linebackers. Now they need a franchise cornerback. Given their success with University of Miami graduates, I would suggest trying to trade up and draft Antrel Rolle. Could Martin be used in a trade to swap first-round picks. It's very possible. With the return of Donnie Henderson to the staff and Derrick Strait to the field, the Jets could be looking at a top five defensive unit next season with or without John Abraham.

One thing the Jets won't do is panic. At least I don't expect them too. They've made the playoffs three of the last four years. They've finally won a road playoff game and should have won another. The organization has some major free-agent decisions to make (Abraham, Kareem McKenzie), but they are in a spot to have long-term success if they continue to make the right moves.

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