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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Offseason Adjustments: Indianapolis

Ahh the Colts. Rarely does a team lose a Super Bowl in September, but there it was, a 27-24 defeat against the Patriots on opening night effectively led to the end of their season. Inbetween the two losses was a 13-2 record with an exciting offense that shattered records right and left. Now the tricky part is finding a winning formula for January.

-- Continue to draft defense: They've made some good moves -- Dwight Freeney, Mike Doss, Bob Sanders -- solid first-day defensive picks. With 70% of the salary cap invested in offense they must continue to build the defense through the draft and reasonable free agents.

-- Convince a defensive veteran to come aboard: The Colts are CLOSE to the Super Bowl and they do have the best offense in the league along with a great defensive mind as a head coach. Now he needs to sell the chance to win a ring to some of the free agents out there. For starters I'd try to sign an underachieving Chris Hovan to a one-year deal, he's still got the attitude, he just needs the motivation. Then I'm looking for a veteran cornerback, Terrell Buckley will be available. I'm going to fill holes with veterans who are hungry to win a title and sell them on a one-year plan. If they can sign a defensive free agent to a longer-term deal, I would expect a run at defensive back Dwight Smith. He's got the ability to play man coverage when the Colts are forced out of their Cover 2 scheme.

-- Find an "outdoors" runner: Edgerrin James' statsheet on Sunday was 14 carries and 39 yards. On a sloppy field with the Patriots missing their best lineman, James should've been a lot better. He's probably going to walk because Indy can't afford and that's ok. I would suggest signing Anthony Thomas to a two-year deal. He's nowhere near the talent of James, but he's a tough back and the Colts will need that toughness in January. If the Colts get home-field advantage throughout next year, they could still use a strong back to eat clock in the tight games.

The good news is the Colts finished 13-3, the bad news is that they finished 13-3 and have nothing to show for it. They are still a few steps ahead of Jacksonville and Houston in the AFC South, but that will change in the next couple of years. Right now is Indy's best chance to win a Super Bowl, they have to pull out all the stops next season to do it.

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