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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

More Bracketology 201: ACC Bias?

In college football there's the east coast bias, in college basketball there's the ACC bias. Stealing this from Yoco's College Basketball blog (the best in that genre of sport BTW, maybe the best sports blog period), Tom Luici of the Newark Star-Ledger wrote the following:
  • Why is it that the Big East only grudgingly gets the national respect it deserves year after year? A case in point: Boston College had to win its first 16 games before finally cracking the top 10. That doesn't happen if the Eagles are playing in the ACC (which they will do next season). Take a 16-0 ACC team -- any 16-0 ACC team -- and it gets rubber-stamped as a top 10 team.
Definitely an interesting point and probably a bit of a backhanded slap against Duke, who is both undefeated and at #2 in this week's poll. The good thing about college basketball is that all will get corrected in March and the best team wins. As a college football fan I have to admit, I'm jealous.

My Final Four: Wake Forest, Illinois, Louisville and Syracuse (No change from last week)
Darkhorse: Washington
Overrated: Kentucky, Mississippi St.
Best Unknown: Vermont (not unknown for long)
On the Rise: Georgetown, Alabama, Arizona St.

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