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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Err Jordan

Great take on the cipher that was Michael Jordan:
From the very beginning of his professional career, and long before he'd won anything at all, Michael Jordan and his handlers worked so diligently at developing the brand that it ultimately became impossible to remember where the logo left off and the person began. He talked like a man raised by focus groups. He created a person without edges, smooth and sleek and without any places for anyone to get a grip on him.

I'll admit it - I never liked Jordan. Respected him, sure. Even feared him, during the '93 Finals. But he never was the kind of man I watched and thought, "That guy's cool."
While the article discusses his public persona, I'm still waiting for the tell-all on how much of a bastard MJ could be to his teammates.
My ultimate Jordan moment came at the end of the '98 Finals, the last of the Bulls' titles. Apparently, veteran center Joe Klein was weeping, emotionally overcome after finally winning a ring in his 13th season. Jordan came up to Klein and said, "Why are you crying? I did all the work."

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