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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Dr. Z Gets an 'A'

I'll admit, SI's Paul "Dr. Z" Zimmerman can be extremely anal at times, but when it comes to his annual critique of NFL broadcast teams he's usually spot on.

While there are no perfect duos (or trios) in Z's eye, the team of Ian Eagle and Solomon Wilcots is consistently among the upper echelon, while ESPN's team of jackals (Ron Patrick, Paul McGuire and Joe Theismann) finally reached rock bottom.

A couple of gems:
(On the Curt Menefee, Tim Green team): Tim, I know you were an English major at Syracuse and a very bright student, but maybe you ought to read a little Isaac Bashevis Singer. Some of us take it very seriously when we hear a schneid refered to as, ugh, a snide.

(On the Al Michaels, John Madden MNF team): Consequently, somehow Madden and Michaels have been steered toward getting off the game action quickly and turning to events of the day or problems of the league, or farm prices in Argentina, or something. I cannot believe that on their own they would show such a lack of interest in the action on the field when the spread reaches 10 points or so, no matter how early in the contest.

(On the ESPN team of drones): They used to provide a teeny weeny bit of information. Now they provide none. And they contradict themselves,
often from one series to the next. I don't think they're really fully aware of what they're saying.

Enjoy the brilliance.

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