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Monday, January 24, 2005

The Day After...NFC Style

Ahh, a four-hour nap was just what the doctor ordered to finish yesterday's thoughts. First of all the Eagles played with a lot of heart. They weren't playing against the Falcons as much as they were playing against themselves and their past failures.

The Eagles offensive line played well, gave Donovan McNabb tons of time and allowed him to look for his receivers. Brian Westbrook was a big threat, but most importantly the Eagles defense completely bottled up Michael Vick as Jim Johnson created a very smart scheme to stop the run and the quarterback.

-- With the Eagles winning, the situation becomes focused on Terrell Owens' availability. No one knows for sure and I doubt any announcements will be made. Either way Eagles coach Andy Reid ain't saying.

-- However, Chad Lewis is definitely out.

-- One thing is known for sure. John Madden could've saved T.O. from a lot of grief.

-- A few news outlets discussed the fact that Sunday's NFC matchup was the first time two black quarterbacks were involved in an conference championship game.

-- Troy Aikman said McNabb became the second black quarterback to lead his team to the Super Bowl. Nice gesture, but wrong. There have been three as everyone seems to forget about the gutsy performance from Steve McNair.

-- Remember all the criticism Andy Reid took for resting his finals in the final weeks of the season so that they would be healthy for the playoffs. Well now he's willing to defend that decision and who's going to doubt him?

-- As for Atlanta, not much to write about, most of the players are talking abour next season. Except for defensive tackle Ed Jasper, he's going to retire, citing the death of Reggie White as a big reason.

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